How could the parties earn our vote?

by marty

This is a loaded question.  In order to earn someone’s vote requires action and not just talk.  For many the idea that any of the DNC or GOP is to be trusted is an uphill battle.

That said, there are some real worries that need to be urgently addressed.  We are facing a complete corporate takeover of not only our elections and media, but also corporate trade agreements that create extranational courts that will sabotage future efforts to reform the financial system and our country.  While the revolution will continue regardless, it is critical that reforms start now or the uphill battle will become much harder.

With that in mind we suggest the following as minimum public pledges any candidate and the DNC or GOP platforms should support if they have a hope of earning our votes:

  • Institute a publically funded campaign finance system
  • Institute an amendment overturning Citizens United
  • Institute a modern Glass Steagall bill
  • Break up banks and media conglomerates

This may not be enough for everyone, but it is a start and is a step in making the revolution a reality.

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